Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Hello world!
Today I will write about a talented young  girl and her new brand: Olga Trevisan, designer of Elti.
I met this cute little Italian at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy and I felt in love with her style, her experience and her original idea behind Elti.
Daughter of an upholsterer, Olga tried to sew using her father off cuts .
Travelling, she started to collect fabrics and buttons from all over the world. She soon designed and produced men underwear unique pieces using these precious textiles and buttons . Olga understood she was able to use her talent also to make backpacks and t-shirts and she is now quickly improving and spreading her concept.
I find her style really unique and you can easily see her artisan roots and talent in every piece she creates. If you are looking for something original, trendy and handmade, Elti is the right brand for you! Have a look:



Find below an interview with Olga. She explains more about her passion, her story and her brand.

-Who is Olga Trevisan and how did she start up the Elti concept?

Elti is Olga. Sounds too easy but it’s also true. Everything is connected and it’s impossible to split. Elti was born in a spontaneous way and grew up following the same unconscious enthusiasm for new projects.
After my graduation I started to visit some friends based around Europe and I started to collect fabrics. I had only the classic low cost hand baggage restriction so I had to create a rule: Only one meter, only one button. I still keep this concept and a guaranty to create only a unique and individual product.

-Elti: is there any meaning behind the brand name?

Yes indeed! One spring, a few years ago, I was snorkeling in the Red Sea when I was faced with a shark. I still remember the crazy beat of my heart in the silence of the sea. I was totally shocked! Only after they told me he was lost and harmless. During that winter I moved to Madrid in Spain and in front of every single metro there was the promotion of El Tiburon 3D movie. I became obsessed with the shark and I felt THAT it means something for me and should become something: Eltiburon was born even before the brand itself. Now the project has become a brand called Elti.

- Who is your typical audience?

At the moment it’s very random. I just re-started the project here in Amsterdam and this give me the opportunity to reanalyze my audience.

- Any future project for the brand?

I’ve just started a short course at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, and I’m involved with some new collaborations.I’m very excited and pleased with the way 2015 has started.

-What is your uniform?

Heheh! I prefer not to answer this question. Some days I really look like a junkie.

If you want to know more about Elti you can write directly to Olga :
Facebook :ELTiburon

Hope you enjoyed it!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jasmina Jovy - form

Happy 2015!

The first post of this new year is about one of the best discoveries of 2014 : JASMINA JOVY.
Jasmina is a jewelery German designer who I met at the Sieraad art fair.
Jasmina produces fantastic  pieces in a deliberately minimalist way. She combines fashion, graphic and arts with high quality materials.
I felt in love with her style because is suitable for every day use but still with a strong personal touch.

The new collection is streaked with colored accents repeating themselves on chains, metallic and textiles surfaces. Clear lines and shapes are predominant. All the pieces are produced in Germany: high quality plating gives the collection its exclusive character.

Jasmina is not only a talented designer but also a really lovely person.

She was available to answer few questions about herself, her style and her goals.

  • Where and how did you find the courage to follow your dreams and find the key to your personal success?
That´s a difficult question and after thinking some minutes about myself, my dreams and my personal sucess I only can tell that I love my work, it´s my passion and it´s something I really can identify with. For me it´s also important to be myself, to say what I think and to do what I want.
  • If you don't wear Jasmina Jovy Jewellery, which other brands do you like?
A lot of my friends are in the same field, therefore we really often exchange our jewelry. My current favorites are: Heike Walk, Frieda Dörfer and Ariane Ernst. But if I think about brands I like Uncommon Matters, Sonja Bischur and The Medly Institute.
  • What is your target audiance?
Independent, statement women who love to express themselves with jewelry thinking out of the box. 
  • What is the main goal for next year 2015 and what is the best accomplishment of 2014?
I have so many plans that I can´t say what is the main goal: Exhibiting at Premiere Classe, Paris in March, Own online shop, winning the ITS Award J Best accomplishment in 2014 was the producing of the birthday rings for Premiere Classe and opening of my own studio with showroom.
  • What is your YOUniform?
grey/black/white minimal, pure clothing with a little extravagancy and a feminine touch. 

Do you like Jasmina Jovy creations?

If you want to know more about this beautiful brand, have a look here:

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Amsterdam Fashion Academy - form

Sometimes beautiful things in life happen at the right time.

Few months ago I partecipated in a Meet up and I had the chance to discover the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. The school is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, closed to Museumplein.
The Director, Ingrid, welcomes you in a really cozy environment and you understand immediately it is a fantastic place to be.
As soon as I took part in the first workshop I had something clear in my mind: I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to join the school and finally trying to follow my dreams and my passion.
And this is how I decided to attend the short course of Forecasting, buying and marketing.

What I like of the academy is the approach the director and the teachers ( Debbie and Jenny)  have. They always try to encourage you and pass on all the knowledge they have. They teach you the theory and they challange you on the practice.
This institute helps you in a personalized way. They try to understand wht you want to achieve and they give you the tools to try.
You can find different kind of courses: bachelor degree, short courses, part time.
If you want to have more info I suggest you to partecipate in the Meet ups that the Fashion Institute organizes once per month or you can pass by the next Open day. (17th of January).

Have a look at their webiste:

If you need more info feel free to contact me and I can share with you my positive experience!
Good luck!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Style finder: YOUNIFORM
Photographer: Libia Arteaga

I think these 2 women have a fantastic style. Think about it: They do not wear anything particularly original. It is all about their attitude and the shapes of their clothes.
Do you agree? Looking forward to reading your comments!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Street styles and interesting shops-form

Photographer: Libia Arteaga
Style finder: YOUNIFORM

While I was going around the famous 9 streets in Amsterdam I saw this guy outside a beautiful chic shop.  He was giving directions to tourists.I waited they finished their conversation and then I stopped him and explained I was looking for interesting street styles. He replied: "It is fine with me if you want to take a picture but actually this is the uniform of the shop I work for."
Since the style was really cool I thought it was interesting to ask a business card of the shop:
Marie-Stella-Marie is a new beautiful concept store in the heart of the city. I read a bit about it earlier and it seems it took inspiration from the Human right of water and sanitation. Every product you purchase, they donate a fix amount towards clean drinking water projects.Read more on the website or even better, stop by!

Photographer: Libia Arteaga
Style finder: YOUNIFORM

This beautiful sweet girl is working inside a fascinating vintage shop : Retro & Chic. I did not have the time to visit the shop but at first sight it looked full of amazing pieces and small treasures.
Sara ( the girl in the picture) is really friendly and positive and I am sure I will go back to write more about the shop.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Street Couple Amsterdam Style Form

 Dutch Chic girls

 This beautiful couple made my day: funny and smiling: Dutch Guy and British Girl

These 2 beauties are from Sweden. Love them!

Style finder: YOUNIFORM
Photographer: Libia Arteaga

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to go around in the city and do what I love: Observing outfits of trendy people around me.
It was a fantastic day. Sunny Amsterdam and good vibes in the air. 
Since I am attending the course at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy I have to push myself out of my comfort zone and use the good tips that I can get from the school.
Last week I published an advert on Facebook: I was looking for a photographer for a fashion project.
I know how to recognize beautiful outfits, stylish people and trends but I am not so good with the camera.
I was so lucky to choose a talented Mexican Photographer: Libia Arteaga.
Libia is really passionate about pictures. She loves the beauty around her and she likes to keep all the beautiful moments she lives through the pictures she takes.
She attended the Fotofakschool in Holland.

Please check her website and her Facebook page.
I found and stopped the stylish people you see and she shoot them.

To all the street people I met: a big thank you! You were amazing to share some of your time with us!
If you like your pics write me an e-mail or leave a comment. I will send you the pics and we can keep in touch on Facebook.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


Dear web people,
here I come back again. It has been a while since my last post. 
I just started a short course of fashion forecasting, marketing and buying at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy and I decided I want to make the best of it.
For me it is a great opportunity to do what I love and to learn more about this fantastic world.
Since I don't have a lot of academic background my personal source is observing. I always loved to look around and notice how people dress and the style they create with simple pieces of clothes. You can give exactly the same shirt to 2 girls and they will mix it and match it in a completely different way.
I also realized that being fashionable or trendy it is not only about clothes. It is about hair style, make up, body shape.
Going around recently in Amsterdam I noticed there is a trend I love:
The turbante ( I don't know the proper English translation).This kind of scarf coming originally from African or Indian countries has been introduced as one of the main accessories of this season. You can mix it with  casual clothes and it gives a very personal and chic touch to the rest of the  outfit.
You can find on Youtube many tutorials and tips as usual.

I took this picture few weeks ago to this beautiful trendy couple at Waterlooplein
What do you think about this trend? Do you like it?
Have a nice Sunday.