Saturday, January 10, 2015

Jasmina Jovy - form

Happy 2015!

The first post of this new year is about one of the best discoveries of 2014 : JASMINA JOVY.
Jasmina is a jewelery German designer who I met at the Sieraad art fair.
Jasmina produces fantastic  pieces in a deliberately minimalist way. She combines fashion, graphic and arts with high quality materials.
I felt in love with her style because is suitable for every day use but still with a strong personal touch.

The new collection is streaked with colored accents repeating themselves on chains, metallic and textiles surfaces. Clear lines and shapes are predominant. All the pieces are produced in Germany: high quality plating gives the collection its exclusive character.

Jasmina is not only a talented designer but also a really lovely person.

She was available to answer few questions about herself, her style and her goals.

  • Where and how did you find the courage to follow your dreams and find the key to your personal success?
That´s a difficult question and after thinking some minutes about myself, my dreams and my personal sucess I only can tell that I love my work, it´s my passion and it´s something I really can identify with. For me it´s also important to be myself, to say what I think and to do what I want.
  • If you don't wear Jasmina Jovy Jewellery, which other brands do you like?
A lot of my friends are in the same field, therefore we really often exchange our jewelry. My current favorites are: Heike Walk, Frieda Dörfer and Ariane Ernst. But if I think about brands I like Uncommon Matters, Sonja Bischur and The Medly Institute.
  • What is your target audiance?
Independent, statement women who love to express themselves with jewelry thinking out of the box. 
  • What is the main goal for next year 2015 and what is the best accomplishment of 2014?
I have so many plans that I can´t say what is the main goal: Exhibiting at Premiere Classe, Paris in March, Own online shop, winning the ITS Award J Best accomplishment in 2014 was the producing of the birthday rings for Premiere Classe and opening of my own studio with showroom.
  • What is your YOUniform?
grey/black/white minimal, pure clothing with a little extravagancy and a feminine touch. 

Do you like Jasmina Jovy creations?

If you want to know more about this beautiful brand, have a look here:

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