Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Amsterdam Fashion Academy - form

Sometimes beautiful things in life happen at the right time.

Few months ago I partecipated in a Meet up and I had the chance to discover the Amsterdam Fashion Academy. The school is situated in the heart of Amsterdam, closed to Museumplein.
The Director, Ingrid, welcomes you in a really cozy environment and you understand immediately it is a fantastic place to be.
As soon as I took part in the first workshop I had something clear in my mind: I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to join the school and finally trying to follow my dreams and my passion.
And this is how I decided to attend the short course of Forecasting, buying and marketing.

What I like of the academy is the approach the director and the teachers ( Debbie and Jenny)  have. They always try to encourage you and pass on all the knowledge they have. They teach you the theory and they challange you on the practice.
This institute helps you in a personalized way. They try to understand wht you want to achieve and they give you the tools to try.
You can find different kind of courses: bachelor degree, short courses, part time.
If you want to have more info I suggest you to partecipate in the Meet ups that the Fashion Institute organizes once per month or you can pass by the next Open day. (17th of January).

Have a look at their webiste:

If you need more info feel free to contact me and I can share with you my positive experience!
Good luck!

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