Monday, October 20, 2014

Street Couple Amsterdam Style Form

 Dutch Chic girls

 This beautiful couple made my day: funny and smiling: Dutch Guy and British Girl

These 2 beauties are from Sweden. Love them!

Style finder: YOUNIFORM
Photographer: Libia Arteaga

Last Saturday I had the pleasure to go around in the city and do what I love: Observing outfits of trendy people around me.
It was a fantastic day. Sunny Amsterdam and good vibes in the air. 
Since I am attending the course at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy I have to push myself out of my comfort zone and use the good tips that I can get from the school.
Last week I published an advert on Facebook: I was looking for a photographer for a fashion project.
I know how to recognize beautiful outfits, stylish people and trends but I am not so good with the camera.
I was so lucky to choose a talented Mexican Photographer: Libia Arteaga.
Libia is really passionate about pictures. She loves the beauty around her and she likes to keep all the beautiful moments she lives through the pictures she takes.
She attended the Fotofakschool in Holland.

Please check her website and her Facebook page.
I found and stopped the stylish people you see and she shoot them.

To all the street people I met: a big thank you! You were amazing to share some of your time with us!
If you like your pics write me an e-mail or leave a comment. I will send you the pics and we can keep in touch on Facebook.

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