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Today I will write about a talented young  girl and her new brand: Olga Trevisan, designer of Elti.
I met this cute little Italian at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy and I felt in love with her style, her experience and her original idea behind Elti.
Daughter of an upholsterer, Olga tried to sew using her father off cuts .
Travelling, she started to collect fabrics and buttons from all over the world. She soon designed and produced men underwear unique pieces using these precious textiles and buttons . Olga understood she was able to use her talent also to make backpacks and t-shirts and she is now quickly improving and spreading her concept.
I find her style really unique and you can easily see her artisan roots and talent in every piece she creates. If you are looking for something original, trendy and handmade, Elti is the right brand for you! Have a look:



Find below an interview with Olga. She explains more about her passion, her story and her brand.

-Who is Olga Trevisan and how did she start up the Elti concept?

Elti is Olga. Sounds too easy but it’s also true. Everything is connected and it’s impossible to split. Elti was born in a spontaneous way and grew up following the same unconscious enthusiasm for new projects.
After my graduation I started to visit some friends based around Europe and I started to collect fabrics. I had only the classic low cost hand baggage restriction so I had to create a rule: Only one meter, only one button. I still keep this concept and a guaranty to create only a unique and individual product.

-Elti: is there any meaning behind the brand name?

Yes indeed! One spring, a few years ago, I was snorkeling in the Red Sea when I was faced with a shark. I still remember the crazy beat of my heart in the silence of the sea. I was totally shocked! Only after they told me he was lost and harmless. During that winter I moved to Madrid in Spain and in front of every single metro there was the promotion of El Tiburon 3D movie. I became obsessed with the shark and I felt THAT it means something for me and should become something: Eltiburon was born even before the brand itself. Now the project has become a brand called Elti.

- Who is your typical audience?

At the moment it’s very random. I just re-started the project here in Amsterdam and this give me the opportunity to reanalyze my audience.

- Any future project for the brand?

I’ve just started a short course at the Amsterdam Fashion Academy, and I’m involved with some new collaborations.I’m very excited and pleased with the way 2015 has started.

-What is your uniform?

Heheh! I prefer not to answer this question. Some days I really look like a junkie.

If you want to know more about Elti you can write directly to Olga :
Facebook :ELTiburon

Hope you enjoyed it!

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