Sunday, March 24, 2013


Hi everybody.
Today I am going to write about a new Italian brand: MONDOFRAGILE.
The creator of this brand is Silvia Pelliccia. Silvia has worked for many years in the fashion environment ( Diesel and Patrizia Pepe). From this experience and her passion for art she decided to create her own label.
The main feature of MONDOFRAGILE is to use unique fabrics produced with the printings of paintings or art works of artists selected personally from Silvia.
Usually the shapes of the clothes are simple and linear in order to underline the effect of the printing itself.
Silvia is inspired by the world around her. All that comes up suddenly, as a real artist.
She would like to collaborate with new artists so she can give life to their works and she can also promote their art.

The concept behind the brand is to see your wardrobe becoming a piece of art.
The name MondoFragile ( in English can be translated as "Fragile World") was chosen  because for Silvia to be fragile means to be true, to be sincerely sweet.
In this case we see a fragile world, it is precious also because of all our frailty.

If you are interested to buy Mondofragile clothes, you can visit, a website promoting all labels that decided to work with quality, research for details. Designers  who decide to create in a different way even if they were told during their career they were making mistakes.

If you want know more and contact Silvia, please visit :

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Marinella Fioretto said...

Excellent photos! Would it be possible to know the name of the photographer? Thanks!