Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Xmas gift-form

Hi bloggers!!!
sorry.. I did not even wish you a Happy Xmas... I apologize! But I am still on time to wish you a fantastic and special 2011!
Today I would like to show you the most original gift I received for Xmas.
My housemate ( and friend) gave it to me and I loved it. I saw it with her one day when we went to the center to shop together....she remembered it.. and voilĂ !
Do you like it? If you want to have more info about the shop, here there's the link :
It contains grey water inside.

see you soon!


Fanny said...

so pretty x

Cassie said...

really cool ring!
Pylones is a nice brand :)

Anonymous said...

I have a recent obsession on rings and I'd say this one is very pretty.
You have a lovely blog here.
I am now a follower on Bloglovin!
All the best for you this 2011 <3


Maretta ♥ said...

Molto carino questo anello.

Un bacio Maretta
Passa se ti va

Jahn 'n Style said...

happy new year to u too!!
following ur blog :)

thanks for following my blog and thanks for ur sweet msg in ifb :)


OOOh I love this ring so much!



Love High Heels said...

Amazing ring!!!I love it!!!

Vistetecomopuedas said...

Nice ring!, kisses

Kristen M said...

That's a gorgeous ring! You're housemate is so sweet!!:)