Friday, December 17, 2010

Tiffany gift-form

Hi guys!
how are you?
I am feeling better but not 100% well.
Yesterday my boyfriend came to visit me and we exchange our Xmas gifts. He is Spanish and I am Italian and you know we live in Amsterdam so both of us are going home for Xmas.
It was a dream yesterday to see this beautiful key. I felt like a princess. Hope every girl in her life can find herself in front of a Tiffany box.
Do you like it? I love it.
It's a limited edition.

It's black porcelain.


Anonymous said...

I love Tiffany, i love their boxes, and i keep them all (my boyfriend is not really bold so he always goes there whenever there is something to celebrate). And the shade of blue of their box is my favourite color (with the orange from Hermès)

Anonymous said...


Pandora said...

wow,i've never seen a black tiffany key! it's lovely!!
I'm a lucky girl i've just received a couple of tiffany gift from my bf :)

as I promised I've come to see your blog! very nice :)

Pandora said...

...and i forgot to say.... It's not christmas yet! you should not open the gift!! :D

Beango said...

Hy YOUniform,
I like your blog too, so I follow you back.
Nice gift, and have a beautiful holiday with your family even if your boyfriend is not there.

P.s I try to write in my blog some things in english too, but you can find translater there.


Fanny said...

I will be very happy with such a present! you are so lucky ! x

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

Ciaoooooo!!!Bellissimo il ragalo del tuo ragazzo, ha molto gusto ed è importante avere un compagno che se ne intende eh eh :-) Poi credo che per voi ragazze l'azzurro di Tiffany sia un colpo al cuore vero? :-D Come per me l'arancione Hermès :-/

Anonymous said...

my boyfriend has never given me tiffany's, should we break up?

Esther said...

OMG this is just so pretty! im really jealous now! i wish my bf could give me sth like that for christmas! :( and thanks so much for coming by to my blog :) love the comment! it makes me happy :D please come by again anytime!

ps. and of coz i would love to follow each other! im now following! follow me too :D XXXX ♥

fashionablepris said...

great blog. following back! thanks for the sweet comment:)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Such a sweet and thoughtful gift! Lucky girl! xoxoxoo

Francesca said...

omg this is so cool. i'm hinting to my bf that i want tiffany & co but he's a loser :P hahaha. following back!! <3

F. ( x

Federica said...

I love this key, also my boyfriend have gave me one for my b. day! your boyfriend has a good taste! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that key! I'm very jealous!

A N G E L A said...

sweet :)
i follow you!!!!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Thank you for such a sweet comment! My exboyfriend was half-Italian so when I started this blog, I chose the name Cappuccino so that it reminds me of him..kind of silly story. :-) xooxxoo

Inna Santiago said...

Aww that's so beautiful! It sucks how you will be far away from your boyfriend for Christmas :( I'm also in the same situation, he is in the Netherlands and I am here in the Philippines.
Hope you enjoy your holidays!


Malu Rivero said...

A tiffani's key!
I'm waiting for mine... one day!! haha! hopfully!
Oh! I discovered Individuals in this blog! is fantastic!"

Marielle said...

Thanks for your fun comment :)! Cool! why do you live in Amsterdam? I can understand that you don't like the weather, I'm the only girl who loves snow I think haha.
My sister lives in Italy, in Genova from which part of Italy are you?

wooow that key! it's so beautiful! Just must be veryyyyyy happy :)!
I follow x

youniform said...

Hi everybody! thanks for all your lovely comments...I am excited's the first time I receive a lot of feedbacks.

Pandora: let me know what you got from your boyfriend =)
Beango: thanks for the wish, enjoy you holiday too
Fanny: thanks for lovely mail
Le garcon avec les lunettes:si colpo al cuore. colpito e affondato ;)
Esther: I will come again to visit, no doubts!
Fashion cappuccino: Italian boys are difficult!
btw I love the fashion cappuccino title
Inna Santiago: u are far away from your love! Just for Xmas holidays I hope
Malu Rivero: Individuals is amazing.
Marielle: I live in Osdorp.. do u know?
I am originally from Rome.. not really used to snow.. but it's a magic atmosphere. Just hope I can get my flight to go back home for Xmas. Have u ever been to Italy?

Malu Rivero said...

Oh! Di dove o de donde de Italia??
Io ho studiato italiano sul la scuola quattro ani! Ma non lo so parlare molto benne haha!
Io ando piu volte a Roma! Love it!!
Y mi último novio era holandes!! haha!
PD: he estado mirando esta maravillosa coleccion XXX :

Rania said...

Wow your boyfriend surely has a great taste!It's a stunning necklace dear!
Thank you for your lovely comment and for becoming a follower!!I'm very proud I'm the first Greek blog you follow,and you Greek word was sooo cute!! Ευχαριστω!! (Thank you!!)
Just followed you too :)

Loes said...

wow, that's really nice!
and i'll follow you back (:

Brechje said...

you have a really cute blog!

Anonymous said...

Faaaaaaa......quanti commenti, bravissima!!!! Invece lo sai che Andre quest'anno ha detto che preferisce che ce li diamo dopo? Quindi il mio l'avrò il 27 sera :(
Bravo Jordino cmq...e poi la chiave ha un significato romantico, è un impegno...

ABIGAIL NY said...

That's a lovely key piece!

Liv said...

Oooohhh... I love the Tiffany keys but I've never seen the black one! It's absolutely gotgeous, lucky girl!!

Bethany said...

Pretty! What a good boyfriend!

Cassidy said...

How sweet! It's gorgeous :) Merry Christmas!

Cylia said...

that is so pretty. 'they key to your heart';) thanks for following me girl! you rock.

bels said...

I like your blog! I like it

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merry xmass!!!

Ludovica said...

ehiii!!thank u for your comment on my blog..i follow you too!!!!

ABIGAIL NY said...

Would love to follow each other! Now following!

Rebecca Clairine said...

wow !
its beautiful !
thx for ur comment ,
glad to follow back , done :)

check my newest post,

jadore said...

I love it, its beautiful! What girl doesnt love tiffanys!

Sta.Tafetán said...

ooohh!!! i love it!!! and love your blog , i follow you!! :)