Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Hi world!
It has been a long time since the last time I posted one of your YOUniform interview. 2 weeks ago I was checking a group I follow in Facebook and I found a member with a profile picture I liked so I contacted her. And Michelle answered me ans she was really nice. She sent me some pictures and she answered some questions really quickly. Thanks!
Enjoy it!

NAME Michelle Kersten

AGE 21

PROFESSION Student interior design at SintLucas in Boxtel (final year)



WHERE DO YOU BUY YOUR CLOTHES mostly secondhand, also Topshop, Asos, H&M (trend), Zara etc.

WHAT IS YOUR YOUNIFORM  I let the way I feel decide what to wear. Black is my favo color and my basic color. I try to make ordinary pieces of clothes look extraordinary. I love funny trousers like you saw on my facebook picture.

WHAT IS YOUR AIM IN LIFE.. After I graduate from SintLucas I would like to continue with some study that involves fashion because fashion is not just a hobby but I want to develop it further. For the rest i can only say: ''Whatever will be, will be!


DeLiz said...

Ciaooo Cara! ♥ Grazie mille per avermi lasciato un commentino..l'ho apprezzato moltissimo!!! :) Sono felice ti piaccia il mio stile! Il tuo blog è davvero molto carino...dopo mi guardo con calma i tuoi post ma da subito ovviamente mi inserisco tra i tuoi follower!! ♥
Dev'essere bellissimo vivere in Olanda, io ho sempre sognato di farci una vacanzina ^^ e comunque è strano sentir parlare di ragazze italiane che vanno a vivere all'estero...Quindi ti stimo un sacco! ihih
Baci baci

Alessia Stella said...

adorable blog!!! I follow you and I hope you follow me =) =)

kiss kiss

'moringHoney said...

Il mio blog oggi compie un mese!
34 post, 1127 visitatori, 51 follower
Grazie a tutti:)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thank you for the nice comment, appreciate it very much!

Your blog is so lovely! Will surely follow! Do you like living in Amsterdam? With this cold and snow and everything?

xx Kristin from commepolly!