Friday, October 1, 2010

Love and beauty-form

I particularly love this couple. I saw them hugging... and then I thought: they are too beautiful. I cannot let them go without shooting them. So I decided to stop them and take a picture of their smiles. They were so simply stylish. 
Thanks guys, by the way you were the first 2 people I decided to stop on the street.
And you were so nice to accept. Hope you see these pictures.


Luna Simoncini said...

grazie mille per aver votato :) mi fa piacere :)
un bacio

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

ciao!!! si si è davvero un negozio con abiti e accessori davvero carini :-) Ti lascio il sito web, dove c'è anche il contatto così puoi chiedere direttamente alla stilista :-)

un bacione grosso!!!

Anonymous said...

they are a very gorgeous couple (by the way compliments to the girl,your boy is very hot,great choice/:D)