Monday, October 4, 2010

East fashion style - form

It's not a news... Asian are really stylish... I do not know why, maybe because they are not afraid to wear what they want.
I am going to Asia in 2 weeks with my boyfriend and I am looking farward to take a lot of pics of nice street outfits.

Have a nice week!


janet said...

have a great vacation in ASIA!
thanks for the comment :)

May said...

Ti seguo! ;)
Tu puoi scrivermi a questo indirizzo elettronico:

Ruby And Siel said...

Thanks for asking! :)
The competition is still running (till the end of October) so we're excited here

And you go to Asia? Cool! If Ruby should see this she would be so jealous she desperately wants to go to Japan.
About their style is so true, but I'm a bit surprised by the picture?. I allways think they're more extreme and more harayuku-ish


Karro <3 said...

Such a nice picture!

The Pretty Muffin (: said...

what country you'll go visit?
I think it's not the race lol. cause I useed to think "wow western people are really stylish. they can wear whatever they like". but then I start see stylish people from my country too. hahah (:
have fun in asia!