Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hi everybody!
I know I have been away for few months but recently I had few changes in my life and I could not concentrate on my blog.
I lost some weight and I feel again confident in what I wear. I discovered again my personal youniform. My style and my outfits are changing a bit. More accessories, more heels, less afraid of trying!
What do you think about it?
Give me tips, ideas and open your mind!
Hope to hear from a lot of you.
H&M shirt, Tiffany necklace, Zara shoes, V&D pants, Jacket from my mum laboratory

Mango dress, Tiffany necklace, Zara shoes

Forever 21 black jacket, Zara jeans and shoes

Jutka and Riska necklace

Les Jumelles necklace and H&M shirt


Anonymous said...

when u take pics pls include also ur face!!!! ure anbelievably beautiful

youniform said...

Thanks..=)))) I became red! =)

Anonymous said...

Well done!! Maria elena

ISASM. said...

I love the fist look, it's cool!