Thursday, November 3, 2011

Elwin de Groot form

I know , I know... you missed me...

Check out this beautiful interview with a Dutch photographer: Elwin de Groot.
Some of his pictures at the end of the article.

How did you start?

I studied theatre and film directing at university, in Manchester UK, and from a young age was always playing around with cameras. Like directing, I loved the idea of producing and creating a scene, a story and thus a new reality.

What is the subject that you prefer more to work with?
I like shooting many different subjects whether on location or in the studio but always want to bring a particular aesthetic in each picture. I love collaborating with models who work with you to form a particular message in a photo and communicate a particular beauty even when the scene or story is shocking or ugly.

What kind of photography do you like most?
To be honest, and that is not always a good thing in this industry, I like all kinds of photography. Although specialised in fashion and portraits, I love other sides too including photojournalism, sports and travel. Photography remains fascinating in that however good you get - from which I am far from - you can never stop learning, being inspired by others and experimenting.

What is your YOUniform?
My personal YOUniform is smart yet with a casual edge. And very often as simple as possible. I love wearing clothes that stand out - nothing too crazy but always something with a unique look.

 If you want to see more pictures or know more about this artist, please visit his website:


Framicetta said...

Wow che belle foto! Ti seguo volentieri :) Passa dal mio blog se ti va, ho appena aperto un GIVEAWAY !

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Dany AKA DJ Dirty Dan said...

Quality in Simplicity

A Professionalism that make u feel good by the shooting and even Better when The results Pops Out


Harija said...

great interview!
Happy New Year 2012!

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Karina Cifuentes said...

Great, great photos. Hope to see more posts from you your blog. Happy New Year, too!