Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It's not a good day.. and this gives me the inspiration to complain.
I live in Amsterdam and I did not realize about the success of some Italian bloggers. They put some pics of themselves wearing all the most famous and expensive brands and they become fashion icons or guests to invite in a tv program.
When I hear those kind of things, the only thing in my mind is SHAME ON YOU, ITALY!
We are a country famous for real fashion talents, unique brands and styles. WHY do we have to give all this importance to rich girls ?
I think it's really easy t0 be a fashion icon if you can afford a Miu Miu bag, Jimmy Choo shoes and a red Valentino dress... but style is different.. it's not just money... style is taste.
Why in Italy is like this? Why if you have money you are a talent, if you are not rich you are nothing and you cannot even have a chance?
Maybe I am writing these things because this is the story of my life and this makes me really angry and disappointed.


Kathi said...

you just put down my very thoughts! it can be very depressing watching all those people admiring someone who just bought his or her style instead of developing a unique one him/herself. style has nothing to do with money, but that's not only the problem in Italy - in Germany we have the same annoying phenomenon...
by the way, see you at amfi in august :)


nice blog! like your taste !!

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Maria L. said...

Well dear, I gotta say I'm a 100% with you, because I have the same dilemma. Recently I saw a post about Olivia Palermo and how she is "fashionista" only because she can spend a ridiculous amount of money in clothing. I think of fashion as an art in knowing how to dress, being original and in the same time open to all kinds of designs. Making the most handcrafty homemade thing in an absolute treasure.
I'll soon take pictures of Buenos Aires street styles for sure sooo hope to see you around.

Hugs from Argentina.

P.S: Thanks for your comment in my blog, I'm very happy that at least entertains people eventhough they are few by now. I like to post my things (all vintage and grandmothers treasures)