Monday, March 1, 2010

WhyYOUNIFORM? Because it is a contraddiction. If you wear a uniform you cannot be yourself. You cannot express. YOU are the opposit of what is EQUAL.
Youniform is also a provocation. I'm convinced that if you give the same uniform to 2 people, they will not wear it in the same way. There is always something personal,at least YOU.
This blog grows out of my concept of fashion. Fashion is what you make of it. It's style, it's attitude, it's personality and it's taste.
I'm Italian and my mum is a taylor. I 'm proud of my background and my origins. Italian taste is something unique. It's the taste.It's the style.
Why do I live abroad? Because sometimes the word "tradition" in my country wins the day. If you are out of the scheme, of the shape, you are simply out. We are not daring. Sometimes we are uniformed.I want to be ME. Everybody is his/her own UNIFORM.

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